[clug] Request: Spare gear

Peter Ellis vk1pe.peter at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 04:06:01 UTC 2018


I am a very long-time 'lurker' on this list, and *very* occasional
attendee at meetings (as it clashes with another organisation I'm in.)

This is an unashamed request for people's cast-offs, to remake
something from scraps in the best tradition of Amateur Radio. I'm
asking, as someone on this list may have these bits lying around, or
know where the bits may be scavenged. These two computers are going to
be in my new radio room.

For the types of connectors, see

I'm setting up a tower box and need a wifi card, preferably with a
"Conventional PCI" connector. The machine will only be running Linux;
currently Ubuntu 16.4 is on it. I have four available slots:
Conventional PCI (3 of) and PCI Express x16 (1 of).

Another tower box is also lying around, and is an 'aspiration'. I
think it was a gaming box, and has a GeForce 9500GT video card with
two DVI connectors.
a. Does anyone have one DVI-to-VGA cable? Or, a DVI cable and spare
monitor of any vintage?
b. It will get the wifi card flipped into it when needed, unless I can
get a second wifi card.  I have four available slots: Conventional PCI
(3 of) and PCI Express x1 (2 of, but one is blocked by the video card
in the PCI-E x16 slot).

Canberra, preferably northside; Queanbeyan  is possible, as I work at
the Airport business park.
I would be delighted to trade in bottles of wine.

With thanks in anticipation,

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