[clug] [OT] Bézier curve

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Tue May 29 10:08:39 UTC 2018

Thanks, Scott:

> They are useful when you want to select an area that's not a
> square/rectangle, or a circle/oval - or to create a curved (or
> serpentine) "path" that text (or effects/filters) can be applied to.

Please refer me to a Web resource on employing such techniques.

> Example: to create a curved arrow for documentation, I add a transparent
> layer, then create a curved line on that layer using a Bézier curve,
> then "stroke" the line.

I haven't tried using layers!

{The Layers dockpanel is used for organizing files into layers and 
groups of layers. It can be opened from the main application menu 
(Window → Layers Panel), or by clicking its icon on the toolbar.}


> This results in a much smoother curved arrow
> than by just hand drawing one.

I learned using traditional physical art tools. Please suggest a Web 
resource on using software to make art.

> You may find the GIMP guide to creating them useful (or not, depending
> on how MyPaint allows you to manipulate them - I've never used MyPaint).
I recently bought a Wacom graphics tablet. Then I looked for software to 
use with it. Ubuntu Software and Synaptic Package Manager both listed 

MyPaint wiki home is here.

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