[clug] An update to VICI for the weekend.

Brenton Ross rossb at fwi.net.au
Fri May 25 08:09:26 UTC 2018


A new version (0.10.730) is now available.

This one fixes a bug that Duncan discovered. 
The Qt libraries use the '&' character to specify short-cut keys. If you
ask for the label on a button it includes that '&' character - or it
does on my system, but not on Duncan's desktop. The result was that the
test script from my system could not find the OK button on a dialog.
This sent the script into a loop as it tried repeatedly to action the


On Fri, 2018-05-18 at 18:02 +1000, Brenton Ross via linux wrote:

> HI,
> I have just uploaded an update to VICI.
> It includes a couple of bug fixes to the GUI test harness so, just
> maybe, it won't get hung up.
> Cheers
> Brenton

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