[clug] Debian Live persistence

Antonio Marzano antonio.marzano1 at bigpond.com
Mon May 7 03:33:56 UTC 2018


I can probably use:
1) Tails USB
2) Ubuntu low latency on a hard drive on old PC (I am not sure how fast 
the processor is); or
3) Debian live USB. In the instructions it says it can be used to create 
a separate partition.

I think my best bet is the Ubuntu installed on old PC. What do you 



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On 07/05/18 13:01, Steve Walsh via linux wrote:
> Hi Tony
> On 06/05/18 13:41, Antonio Michele Marzano via linux wrote:
>> 1) I would like to add the persistence feature to the Debian Live 
>> USB.
>> I researched this online and the article said that the persistence
>> drive has to be partitioned separate to the Debian Live installed
>> software. Also, the separate partition has to be partitioned into a
>> ext4 partition. I have had trouble trying to do this and while 
>> getting
>> Debian to boot live from a USB took me longer than expected, I am
>> finding myself going around in a circle not being able to get 
>> anywhere
>> on this issue.
> A couple of questions;
> Which Debian live CD image did you use?
> how large is the USB Drive you're using?
> How did you try to create the new partition? (CLI/gparted/etc)
> As Bob asked elsewhere, what's the URL for the how to?

I did get a response from Tony, and I'll post my reply to the list.

Tony, you were following the recipe at:
which discusses doing this from Windows, using Rufus. I have only
ever done it from Linux, using fdisk and dd.

Do you have access to a Linux system you can create the Live USB from?


Bob Edwards.

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