[clug] Updated version of VICI

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Fri May 4 13:02:16 UTC 2018

I wrote:

 > You have two SourceForge sites. Cross-reference each to the other. So
 > that a reader can navigate between them!
 > https://ocratato-vici.sourceforge.io/
 > https://sourceforge.net/projects/ocratato-vici/

For what purpose is each site? This text appears on both! I suggest 
instead writing distinctive stories for each.

"Vici aims to make the UNIX command line programs easily available to 
the users of Linux GUI desktop environments.

A flow chart can be built with commands and their parameters. This can 
then be saved as a script which can be installed into the user's desktop 
as an application.

The script supports all Linux commands, pipelines, file redirection, 
variables, functions, and multiple threads of control."

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