[clug] (no subject)

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Thu Mar 29 21:16:34 UTC 2018


Can anyone make use of a HP Compaq dc 7800 ?

You should be able to find the specs on the Internet. 


A local school is moving over to Chromebooks, and are giving away a
number of these. As they do not come with Windows licenses they are
great for installing Linux.

I pick up several last week and will be setting them up for testing
various linux configurations. Some have 2GB RAM, but most seem to have
3 GB RAM. In a quick test the on motherboard video card is not good
enough to play youtube. They do come with a pciexpress video card
which I have yet to test, and before Friday I purchased a Nvidia
Gefore GT710 for $70 to try out. This weekend I want to do further
testing to see how useful they are. 

I will post back later when I have had chance to complete further
testing. I expect they will be great for email and web surfing.

If anyone has 1 GB or 2GB DDR 2 RAM sticks they want to give away,
please let me know.


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