[clug] IBM Works for OS/2 Word Processor file

rodney peters rodneyp at iinet.net.au
Sun Mar 18 09:53:20 UTC 2018

Hi Bryan,

You might do better to install Libreoffice 6.0.2 from a .deb, from your 
distribution.  Libreoffice.org tend to group things differently.


On 18/03/18 19:06, Bryan Kilgallin via linux wrote:
> Hi Rodney:
>> I'm not confident those packages you installed are the import 
>> filters. The latter might go under different names in Debian et al.  
>> The package in openSUSE is named as I stated.  My installation has a 
>> bunch of .xsi files but no jre in that package.
> LibreOffice Extensions & Templates is here. But I couldn't find one 
> that looked right.
> https://extensions.libreoffice.org/

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