[clug] Debian WiFi driver

Antonio Marzano antonio.marzano1 at bigpond.com
Thu Jun 7 13:57:15 UTC 2018

Thanks Eyal,

I will check out your suggestions. Hopefully, one of them will work.


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On 07/06/18 21:07, Tony Marzano via linux wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently installed Debian 9 on a computer. The installation went 
> well except there was no WiFi driver installed.
> I couldn't find a way through the BIOS or through Debian to identify 
> the WiFi specs.

It does not show in 'lspci'? lshw?

Did you check out the HP doco?

> The computer is a HP HP Stream Laptop 11-y0XX.

A quick search brings many hits, one
even says
   "One “tweak” I highly recommend is buying a $9 USB Wi-Fi adapter. The 
Broadcom Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip
    inside the Stream 11 is not only a rare variant, but made by a 
company that does not distribute its
    firmware outside official Windows drivers"
So maybe the suggestion is fair?

Other hits look more promising, e.g.
suggests to use a "bcmwl" driver.

Again, there are many hits for the bcmwl broadcom wireless driver, which 
seems temperamental...

> Thanks,
> Tony


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