[clug] Microsoft Has Acquired GitHub

Bob Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Thu Jun 7 02:12:39 UTC 2018

On 07/06/18 11:20, Simon Oxwell wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Jun 2018 at 10:52, Bob Edwards via linux 
> <linux at lists.samba.org <mailto:linux at lists.samba.org>> wrote:
>     On 07/06/18 10:50, Bob Edwards via linux wrote:
>      > On 07/06/18 10:43, Scott Ferguson via linux wrote:
>      >> Self-hosting an alternative is of interest to me - *especially
>     one that
>      >> supports Clavis-ci* (so far I've yet to find one).
>      >
>      > Travis-ci?
>      >
>      > Bob Edwards.
>      >
>     Gitlab supports it's own (open-source) CI. We have been using it (self-
>     hosted) for several years.
> We use Gitlab at work, and with the CI component. Gitlab itself is 
> pretty solid, but can be subject to odd UI changes between versions. 
> There is a bit of lock-in in that 'git log' will often refer you to look 
> up a merge request in Gitlab to get access to more detail that the just 
> the MR subject , but that may be a configuration option I haven't found 
> yet or don't have access to.

Hmmm - interesting. You can modify the commit message on MRs in Gitlab...

I've never used GitHub - what does a "pull request" in GitHub look
like in this situation?

> My only issue with the CI, compared to travis-ci, is that it's harder to 
> set up a build matrix (eg, against multiple versions of OSes) that it is 
> in travis.

Most things in open source are "harder to set up"... but there are
almost always wins - in terms of making it do what you want, rather
than what the support desk people are willing to support.


Bob Edwards.

> Simon

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