[clug] PC boot problem

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Sun Jul 29 12:18:42 UTC 2018

I have been configuring a laptop with Ubuntu Bionic Beaver 18.04.1. 
That's what I'm now using. I was testing software tweaks on a PC running 
Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus. Unfortunately I used Synaptic Package Manager 
to delete some critically-important packages. Namely whatever drives the 
Unity desktop, I think.

The PC boots to my login splash--with guest etc. options barely visible 
in white text below the password-input window. Unfortunately at this 
stage, the PC doesn't recognise the keyboard or mouse! So I cannot enter 
the password. Then the monitors go black.

I have tried booting from an Ubuntu 16.04.4 CD-Rom--without success. The 
startup sequence goes as above.

Similarly I have played with ROM-boot options. But no advance on the above.

I am thinking of putting the Bionic Beaver CD-Rom into the PC's 
optical-disk drive. And then hoping to restore data from a backup DVD a 
few days old.

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