[clug] July meeting - Lightning Talks

Bob Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Thu Jul 5 02:14:54 UTC 2018

On 05/07/18 01:10, Steve Walsh via linux wrote:
> Hi Folks
> something I'd like to try for the July meeting is a series of lightning
> talks. You have a time running for 5 minutes (maximum) to talk to a
> topic you wish. You can have a maximum of 20 slides, and they'll be
> advanced to the next slide every 15 seconds. You can have 1 slide, or
> you can have 20.
> If you're working on something that isn't worth a full CLUG talk, this
> is the time to dust off your tangentially related open source project,
> put together some slides, and come and tell us all about it in 5 minutes
> or less.
> send me an email off list with what you want to talk about, and how long
> you think it will run for, and I'll let every one know in 2 weeks if
> there was enough interest.
> regards

Hi Steve,

It is worth a try, but I am not so sure the formality of lightning
talks, as used in a large conference, will work so well with a small
group like CLUG.

The best one I have seen was by Adam (you know which Adam I am talking
about, Adam) at Ruxcon several years ago. Love to see it repeated...
It was good partly because he was racing the clock all the way through,
but mostly because it was very interesting and somewhat comedic
(timing, irony etc.)

I'll can do a short talk on SDR hacking (open source etc. of course).
I'll keep it to under 5 minutes... ... ...


Bob Edwards.

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