[clug] OT: Electrician recommendations?

Neil Pickford neilp at goldweb.com.au
Wed Jan 10 12:38:38 UTC 2018

Hi Simon

The halogen gear packs should plug into a tethered 240V socket in the 
ceiling in the close vicinity of the light fitting. There is a standard 
240V Australian plug lead on the gear pack (switch-mode supply) and all 
components usually fit thru the hole cut-out in the ceiling for the 
light fitting.

Switch off the lighting circuit (at switchboard), Check that circuit is 
really off with other lights on same circuit (if unsure turn off the 
main switch in switchboard) and use a torch inside.

Pull out the light fitting - (Manipulate spring that holds it in on top 
side to fold up), continue to pull 12V wiring till you find the gear 
pack, pull it thru the hole and then pull the 240V cord leading from it 
carefully to drag the tethered plug/socket to the hole, Unplug and then 
once you have the replacement ready to go follow the reverse procedure 
to re-install.

Bunnings sell the gear packs/led supplies.


On 10/01/2018 10:33 PM, Simon Oxwell via linux wrote:
> Hi all,
> A bit off topic, but does any have a good sparky they'd recommend?
> Long story short - the 12V halogens in my house were replaced sometime ago
> with LEDs under an ActewAGL program by the previous owner, which are well
> under the load range of the exisiting 12V transformers (which appear to be
> really switch mode power supplies) and are now starting to fail, and I
> don't appear to be able to legally replace them myself.
> Thanks,
> Simon

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