[clug] ITX Mainboards

rodney peters rodneyp at iinet.net.au
Tue Feb 13 22:17:34 UTC 2018

I gather that people are having difficulty locating ITX mainboards with 
processors beyond "Atom"

I was seeking a mainboard that I could use to upgrade an existing 
desktop system (with at least one case fan to cope with summer) and 
purchased a Supox A8-5545M from the Glorymaster store, on Aliexpress.  
http://www.supox.cn is a site, although mostly in Chinese.  The company 
is apparently a derivative of Epox, that were sold locally many years ago.

I tested it initially with some Kingston DDR 1333 DIMMs but soon 
purchased some economy 8 GB DIMMs (for AMD only) from the official 
Kllisre store.  These passed the fairly demanding memtest v7.4.

It does general office & Internet, as well as occasional GIMP, quite 
well.  I run a dual monitor setup @ 3520 x 1200.

FWIW, these systems achieve low wattage by using superceded laptop 
chipsets.  Mine typically consumes about 30 W.  HP had some success 
using that approach with their excellent Proliant N40L Microservers 
several years ago.


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