[clug] Help ubuntu bionic install broken

Owen owen.cook at gmx.com
Wed Dec 5 05:45:46 UTC 2018

> Hi,
> I need desparate assistance. My ubuntu bionic is broken. I cannot login,
> even from command prompt. A python problem.
> Adrian

When you boot up, you should be offered, in the grub menu, an option to boot to "Advanced options"

If you select that, you should be able to go to "recovery mode" where you are logged in at a console as root. 

If you get that far, maybe reset the password for your user. There are also a stack of logs that can be read, dmesg is one that might show some clues. 

If you enter the command, journalctl and scroll to the end, there maybe other clues.

You might try also adding another user and after rebooting see if you can log in with those credentials.


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