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Simon Oxwell soxwell at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 13:18:14 UTC 2017

A pts is pseudo-terminal - in this case, it's the virtual terminal that the
window manager has created for your shell to run in, hence why it's
returned by a command in that shell.

A tty is physical terminal - in this case, tty7 is 'terminal' X11 is
running on, and that you used to log in to the computer, hence why it's
returned by the 'who' command.

Try this link out:


On 26 September 2017 at 22:44, Bryan Kilgallin (iiNet) via linux <
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> "tty" says that _pts4_ displays fish.
> Yet "who" says that I'm on line _tty7_.
> What does this mean?
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