[clug] Linux newbies video on Youtube, "Top 5 Mistakes New Linux Users Make"

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Sep 18 12:57:40 UTC 2017

I thought this guy offered sound advice and it is directed to an important and very specific audience, people new to Linux or even not yet using Linux.
As well he runs a website to help people and some links.
I only viewed the last segment and quickly read the cards of the other 4.


 A. Is there anything Just Plain Wrong in what this guy said in the 4 parts I didn’t watch?
	The slides look OK on a casual inspection.

B. Remembering the target audience, Zero-knowledge newbies, did he leave anything critical out?

C. Are there better videos or websites on this topic?

D. This is Step Zero.
	Are there good sites or videos for “Intermediate” users?
	There’s got to be some great ‘guide to Linux’ websites out there by now.



unexpectedly, the last part of this related video talks about “Other Resources” and quotes ESR’s classic advice on asking questions.

Top 10 Linux Job Interview Questions [for a Junior Systems Admin]

ESR’s, How To Ask Questions The Smart Way


Joe Collins ‘Channel'
 - 37,000 subscribers
 - many videos, many topics

Linux Talks and Tutorials
91 videos


Top 5 Mistakes New Linux Users Make
Published on Sep 11, 2017, 40,000 views.
> A presentation video about some of the pitfalls new Linux users sometimes find themselves falling into. :)
> #1. Choose the wrong hardware
> #2. Choose the wrong Linux Distro
> #3. They expect Windows
> #4. They use Google to find Software
> #5. They dont take the time to learn.



Joe doesn’t address one of my pet topics, “Security”, but his #4 message is close: “Use packaged software from reputable repos”.

Just because Linux is more robust and ‘hardier’ than MS-Winders doesn’t mean users can be complacent or stay wilfully ignorant of the need to keep their system updated, the #1 recommendation of the ASD.

I’ve been asked: “Why do I need to keep my system updated?” and it floored me… 

Security is a Journey, not a Destination… Just ask any bank.
They don’t just build a Big Strong Vault and stop there.
They install alarms & monitoring system, employ people to monitor everything 24/7 and employ people for rapid response.

The price of owning any computing platform now is keeping it updated. 
It's both admin time and download GB.


In answering Question D., resources for ‘intermediate players’, I found this:

Tutorial Linux website.

The Linux Basics Course
47 videos

All playlists from same channel, ‘tutorial linux’

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