[clug] scp

Bryan Kilgallin (iiNet) kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Thu Sep 7 11:14:05 UTC 2017

Thanks, Scott:

>>  From my tower PC to the laptop, all of these tests passed.
> I assume you mean you could ping $laptop from $hostname.

Yes, ping works fine from tower to laptop and vice versa.

>> Unfortunately the hosts lists on both tower PC and laptop--did not
>> contain the laptop's hostname!
> Confusing - as you just wrote that you could ping it.... or where you
> somehow believing you could ping the computer name (testing.sunnyside)
> or IP address I used in the example?

EtherApe reports IP addresses according to the router.

> /etc/hosts is only useful for static addresses.

I haven't moved the router cables in the week that the laptop has been 

> See "man hosts" (note that you likely do have a form of a local
> nameserver, avahai, but I'm trying to keep this simple and brief)

Under the topic "ps aux", I have listed an avahi daemon user here.


> If you wish to send a file from $tower to $laptop:-
>   'Ideally' on $tower you should generate an ssh key using "ssh-keygen"
> and then authenticate that key on $laptop using "ssh-copy-id" - OR
> you'll have use password authentication (and enable it in the ssh policy
> on $laptop if disabled by good security policy)

I am not familiar doing those actions!

> To add an entry to /etc/hosts on $tower, replace $laptop_IP with the IP
> address of $laptop:-
> sudo echo "$laptop_IP    clug01" >> /etc/hosts

An error occurred while redirecting file '/etc/hosts'
open: Permission denied

> A quick search on the internet should give you plenty of better guides
> to using scp to copy a file across a local network than the above - and
> a long list of alternative techniques.

I did try such suggestions--unsuccessfully!

> NOTES: For a GUI in a console, if you have MC installed you can do
> "sHell link" (under the Left and Right tabs) F9.

I had no trouble with ssh from the tower to the laptop.
However, attempting to ssh from the laptop to the tower--resulted in an 
ssh error, saying that connection to the tower host via port 22--was 

> For a desktop GUI, if you have KDE you can just use fishIO in Dolphin
> (type "fish:/$laptop" into the Browse URL). Other desktop's file
> browsers have similar methods of allowing network file transfer.

I have just installed Midnight Commander on the tower.


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