[clug] Um... Is there CLUG tonight?

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The main problems I have with MTR are:

* It enables people to easily and continually send multiple packets to the 
  control planes of other peoples routers.* It gives people an even more of a false sense (than traceroute)  that they have a full picture of what is going on.* People often misinterpret the packet loss column.

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>>    Well I missed another meeting.
>> The days, weeks and months are travelling way too fast for me.
>> Was it a good night, what was discussed ?
> The bit I saw before I had to go and be a taxi was very good. Seamus was
> digging into traceroute and what it does and doesn't tell you about what an
> IP network is doing.
> I hope that the resources from his talk are online somewhere because I
> really wish I hadn't missed the rest.

+1 - Seamus did a great job and his animated diagrams of how traceroute
output can represent many different scenarios were excellent.

Alas, his "slides" (9000 images, apparently, and around 8GB) are not
yet ready to be put on the web.

A huge thanks to him for travelling all the way from Sydney just to
present this talk for us.

One interesting point, early on in his presentation, was around 7
very different traceroute outputs for the same (hypothetical)
destination that were all good and one that may have been good or
bad - this brought home his point quite well, I thought.

He mentioned to me, after dinner, that DigitalOcean and Linode both
have tutorials on traceroute that are worth a read, although the one
I found on DigitalOcean seemed to be making some opposite (and naive)
points to Seamus's talk. For example, Seamus talked down the use of
mtr (My TraceRoute), but the DigitalOcean tutorial talks it up, etc.


Bob Edwards.

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