[clug] Um... Is there CLUG tonight?

Bryan Kilgallin (iiNet) kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Fri May 26 06:06:45 UTC 2017

Hi Mike:

> Afterwards I ran tracepath against some Aussie Web sites. So I was 
> surprised to discover that Socialist Alliance and Green Left 
> Weekly--had their sites located in Tokyo!
> Bryan, what command did you execute that led to that conclusion?

First, the following.
tracepath socialist-alliance.org

Which after some Canberra and Sydney servers, produced this. I would 
have looked up say "hkix.net" directly in Firefox, showing that was a 
Hong Kong service. Though I wasn't able to connect with "pccwbtn.net" 
similarly, as with "".

  7:  btn1-lacp-10g.hkix.net                              130.377ms 
asymm  6
  8:  TenGE0-3-0-6.br02.tok02.pccwbtn.net                 182.341ms 
asymm 10
  9:  TenGE0-3-0-7.br02.tok02.pccwbtn.net                 183.484ms 
asymm  8
10:  linode.be15-10.br02.tok02.pccwbtn.net               183.947ms asymm  9
11:                                       183.323ms asymm 10
12:  socialist-alliance.org                              185.423ms reached

But freegeoip.net listed for that numerical address, the following.

Country 	Japan
Region 	Tokyo
City 	Tokyo



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