[clug] Old computer, drives and cards - giving away

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun May 21 04:37:18 UTC 2017

On 21/05/17 13:02, Thomas Hirschfeld wrote:
> Hello Paul,
> Some of the parts you are offering are just what I am after. Would I be able
> to collect the following.
> Slim-line Mini-ITX case - takes 2.5" laptop hard disks and a slimline *D-ROM
> drive. Runs off 12V power, has a PSU on board to provide an ATX power supply.
> Has two USB 2 ports on the front.
> 2x 250GB SATA hard disks.
> 1x PCI Firewire card
> 1x PCI-E 1x Gigabit ethernet network card
> 2x PCI Gigabit ethernet network cards
> 1x PCI 4x SATA II adapter
> 1x PCI-E video card (probably an old NVidia) with DVI, VGA and S-Video out

OK, done!  I'm at home all afternoon, so give me a call on 02 6140 1966 and
let me know what time you'd like to come over and pick them up!  I'm at:

30 Henry St, Cook

Thanks in advance,


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