[clug] Old computer, drives and cards - giving away

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun May 21 01:11:47 UTC 2017

Hi all,

It's time I cleared out my cupboards of old computer stuff, so here's what I'm
giving away:

An actual Pentium III Slot 1 computer, with 80GB + 20GB hard disks, VGA card,
gigabit network card, and CD-ROM drive.  I may actually have a DVD-ROM for
this somewhere.  I'm loath to break this up since it actually works.

Slim-line Mini-ITX case - takes 2.5" laptop hard disks and a slimline *D-ROM
drive.  Runs off 12V power, has a PSU on board to provide an ATX power supply.
 Has two USB 2 ports on the front.

Slightly larger but slim-line Mini-ITX case - takes 3.5" hard disks, full
5.25" *D-ROM drive, inbuilt power supply takes mains.

PC-133, DDR 1 and DDR 2 memory.  Lots of it.  Haven't catalogued it all yet.

2x 250GB SATA hard disks.

2x Zip Disk drives!  Rare!  Impress your friends with removable 100mB disks!
Several Zip disks also available.

1x PCI Sound Blaster card

1x PCI Turtle Beach sound card

1x PCI Firewire card

1x PCI-E 1x Gigabit ethernet network card

2x PCI Gigabit ethernet network cards

2x PCI 802.11-g wireless network cards

4x AGP video cards (two 5V, two dual 5V/3.3V)

2x PCI-E NVidia GeForce 460 cards, with SLI cable.

1x PCI-E video card (probably an old NVidia) with DVI, VGA and S-Video out

1x PCI 4x SATA II adapter

1x PCI Conexant 56kbit modem card

1x ATX 300W power supply

1x D-Link high gain wireless network antenna

All free to a good home.

Let me know if you're interested before Sunday May 28th or it goes to recycling!

Have fun,


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