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I use Synaptic Package Manager (for Debian). 


At Wednesday, 17-05-2017 on 12:33 Scott Ferguson via linux wrote:

On 16/05/17 01:30, Bryan Kilgallin (iiNet) via linux wrote:

>> Note that Ubuntu uses the Debian package management system.
> I had previously used "Ubuntu Software" to install packages.

That is a GUI for the Debian package management system (aptitude,
.deb packages etc).

>> You can then use apt-file to search for files that are part of a
>> package...

Online man pages:-
https://manpages.debian.org/ (very fast)
http://manpages.ubuntu.com/ (no so quick)

> I don't understand "apt", needing to absorb an explanatory
> on its use.

There is no package called "apt", rather there are a number of
with "apt" in their name. They all have man pages that document their
use - those man packages are installed onto your system at the same

See for yourself:-
apt-cache --names-only search ^apt | more

>> If the instructions say:- "make, config, make install", install
>> "build essential" (gcc, kernel source, kernel headers),
>> "make" the software, configure the software, then use
"checkinstall" to
>> build a basic debian package, then install the debian package (see
>> quoted references or this mailing list for hints).
> I had avoided software requiring this! 

It's rare that you'd need to do so - but occasionally you may want to
install something from source code because it/or that version, is not
available in your distributions repository as a pre-compiled debian

So I have some reading to do.

(you can ignore the step "sudo apt-get install cvs subversion git-core

>> make, config, make install is for "any" Linux distribution.
>> make, config, checkinstall is the variation to be used for any
>> distribution based on Debian.
> I would appreciate a talk on such lore!

If you need to hear and watch:-

If you prefer written instruction:-

Kind regards

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