[clug] Intel Active Management Technology

Bryan Kilgallin (iiNet) kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Mon May 15 15:30:42 UTC 2017

Thanks, Scott:

> 'make' means (shorthand) "build package from source"
> which can mean - build a package from source, and install... (make, make
> install) or, build a debian package from source (make a debian package,
> install a debian package).

I had not appreciated "make" as representing a more long-winded procedure!

> The former requires the packages covered by
> "build-essential" (meta package for package building software), the
> latter, "build-essential and checkinstall".

Synaptic Package Manager reported that "build-essential" was installed. 
I have since used it to also install "checkinstall".

> Note that Ubuntu uses the Debian package management system.

I had previously used "Ubuntu Software" to install packages.

> First run the command "sudo apt-get install build-essential"

It reported that build-essential was already the newest version. 
Recommending auto-removing packages that were no longer required. As 
advised, I used the following command. Which reportedly freed 594 MB of 
disk space.

sudo apt autoremove

> Then read these


> To find out if a package/file is included in $Something:-
> install "apt-file":-
> sudo apt-get -y install apt-file
> Then update the apt-file datebase:-
> sudo apt-file update (updates database with full list of files and paths
> used by installable packages in your repositories)
> You can then use apt-file to search for files that are part of a package...

I don't understand "apt", needing to absorb an explanatory introduction 
on its use.

> If the instructions say:- "make, config, make install", install your
> "build essential" (gcc, kernel source, kernel headers),
> "make" the software, configure the software, then use "checkinstall" to
> build a basic debian package, then install the debian package (see the
> quoted references or this mailing list for hints).

I had avoided software requiring this! So I have some reading to do.

> make, config, make install is for "any" Linux distribution.
> make, config, checkinstall is the variation to be used for any
> distribution based on Debian.

I would appreciate a talk on such lore!


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