[clug] Intel Active Management Technology

Bryan Kilgallin (iiNet) kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Mon May 15 11:22:24 UTC 2017


>> Neither Ubuntu Software nor Synaptic Package Manager gave a usable response
>> to my search for "mei-amt-check". Similarly "sudo ./mei-amt-check" gave the
>> error "command not found".
> Well, no, you have to build that first.

Though my father quality-checked buildings--yet I remain unfamiliar with 
building Github stuff!

>> The README.md file on the above Web page, states "Requires that the mei_me
>> driver (part of the upstream kernel) be loaded.". But I was unable to find
>> "mei_me" with Ubuntu Software, Synaptic Package Manager, or apropos!
> See if it's in the result for lsmod.

I couldn't see it in that listing.

> Or else `zgrep -i mei_me /proc/config.gz`

Such a file was reported absent!

>> The above github page advised "Run make". Apropos said that I didn't have
>> "run". And unfortunately I am unfamiliar with using make with a makefile.
>> Please advise.
> Just run "make" (sans quotes)

So I did as follows.


make "CC := $(CROSS_COMPILE)gcc
                         PROGS := mei-amt-check
                         all: $(PROGS)
                         rm -fr $(PROGS)"

Yielding the following error.

$(...) is not supported. In fish, please use '(CROSS_COMPILE)'.
fish: make "CC := $(CROSS_COMPILE)gcc


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