[clug] Process monitor suggestion.

David Deaves david.deaves at dd.id.au
Thu May 11 03:26:37 UTC 2017

> I have knock up a little script that uses grep and ps to search for specific processes then indicate if the process is present in a terminal. I was looking for a GUI tool which would do the same graphically.
> I was hoping that gkrellm might be able to do this as I have been a fan for a long time, but unfortunately the fedora 25 instance doesn't have anything appropriate.
> If anyone has a suggestion on a small GUI tool that would do the same I would be appreciative.
> Randall.

I am not completely sure what outcome you are after here:
a) A graphical tool that will tell you which specific processes are running.
b) A way to graphically determine which terminal a specific process is running in.

If it is b) then I have traditionally solved that problem with a simple script
called title http://www.dd.id.au/scripts/title

Use it like this:

ps -ef | fgrep 'whatever'

* cut the controlling terminal from the listing

title "    Here it IS idiot !!!  "  > /dev/{paste controlling terminal}

This then changes the title of the terminal window so I can find it in the window list.

Because I often use it to find what window I was editing a file in with vim.  I also
wrote a small script that would use ps and awk to label all the terminals of all the
vim instances with their vim command line.  I will try to find that tonight.

Dave !


echo -ne "\033]0;"
echo -ne "$@"
echo -ne "\007"

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