[clug] Writing Training Materials

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Sun Mar 26 09:14:56 UTC 2017

Hi Jeff:

> Replying to myself to say thanks to those that took the time to reply.

I'm glad that we have had some discussion.

 > I thought there might be a go to reference or something.

> Been away from the keyboard most of the weekend.

Can you develop your ability to:
     * speak;
     * listen;
     * draw; etc?

  This is all in the
> mists of the future for internal training on internal systems and
> equipment so the details haven't been pinned down and I was just after
> an overview to get an idea of what's involved, what's a good approach to
> take, or any tips.

Adults have some problems, such as declining eyesight and hearing. 
Consider how an old guy at the back of the room, who should be wearing 
glasses but isn't--might perceive what you project onto a distant screen.

> I thought there might be a go to reference or
> something.

Enrol in Otago Polytechnic's Graduate Diploma course in Tertiary Education.

{For non-New Zealand residents, some courses can be studied through the 
Open Education Resource universitas (OERu).

The OERu is an international network of innovative, higher education 
institutions inspired by the vision of opening access to a credible, 
high-quality and affordable education to learners around the world.

This is a self-study model and in some courses limited facilitation may 
be provided. Individuals work through the course content at their own 
pace. All assessments are provided by approved assessors.

To find out about courses relevant to the Graduate Diploma in Tertiary 
Education (Level 7), go to the OERu website and fill in the contact form.}


> The recounting of what other have done or found works was
> very helpful as it answered some of these questions and I may refer back
> to it again later.

Have a look at my drawing page for what can be done with graphical 


> Sometimes, as Andrew points out, starting is the most
> difficult part.

So it should be!

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