[clug] Writing Training Materials

Bryan Kilgallin (laptop) kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Fri Mar 24 10:39:40 UTC 2017


> I was hoping to find something that would give an overview of how 
> other people approach the problem.

Badly, I should think!

> What I have in mind is a lab manual for a set of yet t be decided 
> exercises.

But you haven't mentioned the basics.
So I shall start spelling that out for you:
     * what is the corporate context; and
     * who are the expected learners?

> I have an example from a Redhat course, but thought there might be 
> something more suitable out there that gave a look behind the scenes 
> of how it formed.

So far, you haven't mentioned what is important. What is the perceived 
need? How was it determined, and by whom? Who were consulted?

> The first iteration would be rough for sure that I understand.

What do the learners say that they want?

> It's getting something to the point that it is usable so that it would 
> be adopted that's the objective.

Adopted by whom?


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