[clug] New in Fedora 24 virt is 3D accelerated SPICE graphics, via Virgl.

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Sun Mar 5 02:49:17 UTC 2017

    If anyone uses qemu with guests that use 3D graphics, please let
me know your experiences (how to, etc)

>From my searching to date, qemu/kvm does not support 3D graphics for
Windows, however since about June last year, with QEMU 2.5, 3D support
for Linux became possible. 

Below are some links that maybe somewhat related to the topic.

If I am correct it would be possible to build a Fedora (24/25) guest
to use 3D graphics and so support Cinnamon and applications that
require 3D to run effectively.

I am hoping there may be 3D support for Windows in the near future.

Virt-Manager 1.4 with Virgil support

Virt-Manager was released in version 1.4 with numerous new features.
New features include support from Spice and Virgil, which enable users
to manage accelerated OpenGL systems. 


Virgl is linux only for now, so it is useless for windows gaming.

virt-manager 1.4.0 Saturday June 18, 2016

    virt-manager: spice GL console support (Marc-André Lureau,
Cole Robinson)
    Bump gtk and pygobject deps to 3.14
    virt-manager: add checkbox to forget keyring password (Pavel
    cli: add –graphics gl= (Marc-André Lureau)
    cli: add –video accel3d= (Marc-André Lureau)
    cli: add –graphics listen=none (Marc-André Lureau)
    cli: add –transient flag (Richard W.M. Jones)
    cli: –features gic= support, and set a default for it (Pavel
    cli: Expose –video heads, ram, vram, vgamem
    cli: add –graphics listen=socket
    cli: add device address.type/address.bus/…
    cli: add –disk seclabelX.model (and .label, .relabel)
    cli: add -cpu cellX.id (and .cpus, and .memory)
    cli: add –network rom_bar= and rom_file=
    cli: add –disk backing_format=
    Many bug fixes and improvements

 spice OpenGL/virgl acceleration on Fedora 24
New in Fedora 24 virt is 3D accelerated SPICE graphics, via Virgl.
This is kinda-sorta OpenGL passthrough from the VM up to the host
machine. Much of the initial support has been around since qemu 2.5,
but it's more generally accessible now that SPICE is in the mix, since
that's the default display type used by virt-manager and gnome-boxes.





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