[clug] Future of CLUG main meetings

Bryan Kilgallin (iiNet) kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Sun Jun 25 14:16:31 UTC 2017

Thanks, Neil:

> Bryan I am finding this thread a bit negative, no one is saying CLUG is 
> dead or the list will cease.

Bob has explained that this on-line discussion forum will continue.

> Lets keep comments a little more positive and get back to directly 
> helping each other with Linux related issues rather then posting stuff 
> to be sensational or get noticed or a reaction.

Next month's scheduled seminar-room meeting will be our last. Then such 
presentations will cease for nine months of the year!

> I believe the term is trolling.

Yet by popular demand, our monthly face-to-face meetings will only be at 
6PM at the Wig & Pen.

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