[clug] Routing to a different outgoing interface based on hostname

Brenton Ross rossb at fwi.net.au
Wed Jun 14 08:33:32 UTC 2017

Just a thought but this sounds a bit like a "quality of service"
Perhaps you can investigate the "tc" command.
( I saw a suggestion for routing by user)


On Wed, 2017-06-14 at 17:08 +1000, Tony Lewis via linux wrote:

> I might be getting a fast wireless ISP to either complement or replace 
> my slow ADSL2.  If I'm going to use them to complement each other I 
> would like to be able to route traffic based on the type of traffic.  
> Easy enough to do for different protocols, but I'd like to route, say, 
> all Windows and iOS updates (over HTTPS) over the unlimited, slow ADSL, 
> but allow traffic going to the user (YouTube, general browsing, Skype) 
> to go over the faster interface.
> How might I do this robustly?
> The best I can think of is to have some process where I try and discover 
> all the hostnames used for updates, and then interrogate DNS regularly 
> to turn them into IPv4 addresses, and feed them into iptables.  It 
> sounds fraught with gradual degradation as servers are reprovisioned 
> (hostnames change), but also to major degradation if some parsing code 
> goes wrong.
> The second best is sort of time-of-day.  Redirect all after-hours 
> traffic to the unlimited ADSL2, and hope that most updates are smart 
> enough to pick an out-of-hours time to update.
> Any other suggestions?
> Tony

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