[clug] [FREE/FOR SALE] Mini-ITX stuff, desk, ADSL modem

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Wed Jun 7 04:26:22 UTC 2017

* 2 x Mini-ITX cases [FREE]

  - Aywun A1-8989.  I replaced a fan in this because the original became
    noisy and it seemed to work fine last time I tried it.  In original

  - Aywun [some other model].  Front covers (for DVD drive, USB ports) a
    bit fragile, but was in use until earlier this year.

* Mini-ITX motherboard [FREE]

  From memory, this has some sort of i3/i5 in it.  I pulled some RAM
  out but can pop it back in.  CPU fan is noisy and I've cannibalised
  the battery to put into another machine.  Was in use in 2nd Aywun

* Criterion computer desk [<= $30]

  Large desk, mobile filing cabinet (drawers: 1 x regular, 1 x file),
  small hutch/shelf thing

  I converted the previously large hutch into a keyboard drawer and a
  smaller shelf!  I don't really want to get rid of this because it is
  a good desk but renovations mean that we won't have room for it.

  No, you can't just have the filing cabinet for $10...  ;-)

* Belkin N300 wi-fi modem router [<= $40]

  Bought when we thought an old modem was dead, but turned out to be a
  line problem that was fixed by the time I got to investigate.
  Unpacked and used once for testing but otherwise brand new.

Please contact me off list for more details...

peace & happiness,

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