[clug] Beersig/Aus-day/Meeting quandry

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Tue Jan 24 11:28:17 UTC 2017


I am not into beer, and I also prefer the less noisy ANU N101 venue.

Whatever location is decided, whether one location only, or 6:00pm at
one location and 7:00pm at another, it would be great to chat up.

I have some plastic cups left over from one other time at N101, if
anyone wants me to bring them.


At Tuesday, 24-01-2017 on 16:57 Bryan Kilgallin wrote:

Dear Steve:

> Are people interesting in having an informal discussion about
LCA2017 at
> Debacle, or back at N101, where there may or may not* be pizza and
> *the chances of there being beer with the pizza are a lot less at
> than at Debacle.

Being introverted, I prefer the less noisy ANU venue.


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