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George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Thu Jan 5 13:23:59 UTC 2017


My two cents worth. I have been a long term Debian supporter, however
I also use CentOS, and beside a few differences between Yum and APT
for package management, I quite like CentOS. The long term support is
useful if you don't want to keep rebuilding your system every few
years.  I found getting used to yum's package repositories not as
easy as Debian, and at times difficult to use for obscure
(non-mainstream) packages.  It seems to be Debian has far more
packages available in their main package repositories.  CentOS seemed
to just have the standard and most used packages, in a standard build.
It is certainly worth a try if you have the time.

If someone has used CentOS for MythTV, please comment, maybe even
point to some installation instructions. I have not yet bothered about
MythTV, but would like to give it another try.  Last attempt I was
unable to find drives for my TV Tuner card, but these days I am not
that interested in free to air TV, no decent, regular SciFI.

When building a new system on an existing computer, I often purchase a
new hard drive, remove the original, then build the new system onto
the new drive. If the new build works out, I keep that, if not I
remove the new drive and revert to the old drive and its working
system. I either use the new drive in another project, or use it for
another attempt to build the new system. But at least I have the
original working system whenever I need it.


At Thursday, 05-01-2017 on 21:05 Paul Wilson wrote:

I haven't that much experience with CentOS, is it comparable with

As to installation on another box, i am going try initial installed on
mythtv box then see if it boots on my desktop box.
Thanks Paul

On 05/01/2017 8:47 PM, "George at Clug"  wrote:


While Linux is very flexible, how similar is the CPU, motherboard
and video card between your Myth PC and the other PC?

Kernels are only so flexible when booting from different hardware,
though I
am not sure of the extent or limits of flexibility.


To minimise downtime I was hoping to install with my other PC and
HDD onto mythtv box.
Is this strategy doable? Or is there another path?

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