[clug] GVIM paper size

Bryan Kilgallin (iiNet) kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Tue Aug 22 14:41:21 UTC 2017

> In Ubuntu's System Settings, All Settings window, I selected the 
> Printers icon. Then in the Printers window, I Opening the Brother icon. 
> Revealing its Printer Properties window. Selecting Printer Options, 
> showed a General list of settings. Unfortunately the Media Size list 
> seems fixated on "Letter". As when I choose "A4" and click 
> "Apply"--Media Size reverts to Letter!

I updated the printer's drivers. In Ubuntu's Printers window a different 
icon appears. Which I selected as default, deleting the old one. In 
Printer Options, General, Media Size now remains set to A4. Tests 
printing from GVIM and Terminal both worked fine!

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