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Tue Aug 22 10:33:39 UTC 2017

Resending to the list - Sorry for the misdirected post Bob

On 22/08/17 17:13, Bob Edwards via linux wrote:
> On 22/08/17 15:35, Scott Ferguson via linux wrote:
>> On 22/08/17 14:33, Bob Edwards via linux wrote:
>>> On 22/08/17 13:40, Scott Ferguson via linux wrote:
>>> With all these "free" and low-cost VPS offerings, all with static IPs,
>>> it makes one wonder if the world really is running out of IPv4 address
>>> space, or if it all hasn't been gobbled up by these big VPS providers...
>>> cheers,
>>> Bob Edwards.
>> Wonder no more(?)
> As you point out, Microsoft has been "gobbling up" IPv4 address space...
> (funny, 'cause in Window 3.1 days their esteemed leader saw no future
> in the Internet and it's protocols...).

And they had to go to IBM for networking (Windows for Workgroups, and
took many of the developers too, some of whom had worked on IBM's Web
Explorer) - though internally the interest was in Extend, Embrace,
Extinguish and it extended to networking:-

The first version of IE was released in the second half of 1995. I'm not
sure when they negotiated the original license though. Likely this link
will show:-

In more recent interviews the "leader" (not Paul Allen) claimed to have
predicted most of the present internet technology - which he did, though
most of it was already in it's infancy when he predicted it (i.e.
shopping comparison, online flight booking, chat etc). I predict we'll
see pilot-less planes and electric cars in the future. And China will
become a super-power.

Amazon has been buying up big chunks too - I seem to remember they
bought most of MITs IPv4 addresses some years ago.

> Bob Edwards.

Kind regards


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