[clug] Has anyone tried to watch Netflix on Pi?

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 11:15:49 UTC 2017

On 18/04/17 20:14, Branimir Topic via linux wrote:
> Has anyone tried to watch Netflix on Pi?


> Raspbian comes with Chrome that doesn’t seem to be working.

It should, SWIM used avconv to, um, make a backup of movies viewed on
Netflix (I imagine he sleeps soundly as the official Netflix Android app
includes a "download" button).

> Kodi and MythTV doesn’t seems to have add-ons support for Netflix.

Recent UK controversy has led to KODI removing those sort of addons from
the official repo - but they still exist (and work).
One source is http://www.alelec.net/kodi/repository.alelec.zip, there
are others (see further down).

Guides (not mine):-
*Install KODI On a Raspberry Pi 3 Using OpenELEC*

1. To begin installing Netflix for R-Pi3, you need to write a Pre-built
Kodi Image file to an MicroSD Card.
2. Download OpenELEC Image file. (You need to locate Rasberry Pi 3
Second-Generation Image file) http://openelec.tv/get-openelec
3. Once downloaded, extract the Image file having .GZ extension with
WinZip or WinRar (or use the native tools).
4. Write Unzipped image file to MicroSD Card. (download Win32 Disk
Imager https://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/ if you don't
know dd)
5. Insert MicroSD into card slot and launch Win32 Disk Imager app. (skip
this stop if using dd)
6. Click folder icon and then simply navigate to OpenELEC image file
that you want to extract. (ditto)
7. Click Write to write image file to MicroSD Card. (ditto)
8. Once the job is complete, remove MicroSD Card and insert it into
Rasberry Pi 3.
9. Plug connections to your TV using a keyboard, mouse or controller.
10. Launch Kodi app.

*Install Netflix Kodi Addon on Rasberry Pi 3*

1. Download alelec repository from
2. From Kodi homescreen, go to System>Settings
3. Click on Add-Ons and select install from zip file
4. Select and unzip alelec repository .zip file. (unzip *.zip)
5. Return to previous menu and then go to Install from repository>alelec
Kodi repo> Program Add-Ons.
6. Select Chrome Launcher, then wait until the “add-on enabled” message
pops up.
7. Return to Add-ons menu, then go to Install from repository > alelec
Kodi repo > VideoAdd. double click on NetfliXBMC to install Kodi Netflix.
8. Return to Kodi homescreen, then go to Videos > Add-Ons > NetfliXBMC
to launch Netflix Kodi addon.
9. You will see a pop-up window asking for your Netflix login details.
10. Simply enter your username and password to watch netflix on Kodi.

> Ubuntu and Mate (distro) doesn’t work either.

Odd. Pure Debian does.

> I came across some talk regarding an issue with latest version of Firefox. 

I had trouble with Firefox (I'm allergic to Silverlight).

> Not sure what might be the case, but I only spent some time trying different flavours, not thoroughly investigating issues.
> Has anyone else came across similar ideas/problems?

Using an Android-based device Netflix "just works" (e.g. Droidbox).

> B

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