[clug] DDos attacks using Linux hosts (mainly embedded) now "a thing": Multi-arch, multi-vuln, multi-vendor.

Chris Smart clug at christophersmart.com
Thu Sep 8 07:14:34 UTC 2016

On Wed, Sep 07, 2016 at 12:40:19PM +1000, steve jenkin wrote:
>Just using Linux is no longer a protection against hackers.

Really, though? Isn't this more about vulnerable operating systems in
general? I mean, if I can get root on a box I can make it do anything
(even a Linux box). I don't think that this is a particularly new

I do think that an up-to-date Linux box is still the best protection
against computer crackers. The problem, as the article points out, is
the growing number of vulnerable, never-updated Linux based IoT devices
(and routers).

While out-dated, un-patched, vulnerable IoT devices _seems_ bad, I'm
hoping it will help us to defeat the inevitable rise of the machines
(well that, and IPv6)!


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