[clug] PC Parts retailers in CBR? or where to find a 2.5" SATA SSD?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Nov 10 04:11:04 UTC 2016

Remember when Computer.One in Braddon supplied bits & pieces & built PC’s?
or Cougar Computers who supplied the Pentiums used in the Bunyip Beowulf Cluster?

The Computer Fair seems to have gone away - I stopped paying attention a long time back.

Now “staticice” is a good first point of call… Just so long as your have a working credit card :)

My Credit Card is having a little holiday after Commbank detected some Internet Fraud on it.
Today I had a hankering to buy an SSD drive for a project and ordering on-line wasn’t going to work.

But where to go? Yesterday MSY didn’t have any SSD’s left, so where else might? [I ducked around the corner to Fairstar, bought his last SSD.]

Here’s my current list of Canberra Computer parts retailers. [With the name and phone number, a web search will provide all details]
Anyone able to offer corrections, updates, deletions?


ATM, Oatley Court, Belco			6253 0537
EBM, Charnwood					6253 2668.
Hi-Tech @ Hyperdome		 		6162 0708
Best Price, London Cct				6257 8380
AB&T, Colbee court, Belco & Phillip?	6282 7600
PC Professional, Woden				6281 2063
Fairstar, W’gong St, Fyshwick	 		6257 1808
HI-MICRO COMPUTERS, Fyshwick	6280 7520 
MSY Collie Street, Fyshwick			9726 1997	fyshwick at msy.com.au	note phone is for NSW H/O.

Cougar’s last page from 2005 listed a few alternative suppliers.
I couldn’t find websites, but found these listings in the yellow pages. Haven’t visited/used either of them.

Alexander Technology, Computer Repairs, Service & Upgrades - Mitchell,				6162 4022
Technology Warehouse Australia, Computer Equipment - Home & Office - Mitchell		6242 3966

"PC Connections” of Weston Ck wasn’t in YP

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