[clug] November meeting, November 24, who has talks/topics?

Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Wed Nov 9 23:55:06 UTC 2016


So the november meeting is coming up in 2 weeks.

Bob had the suggestion at the meeting last month, anyone giving an LCA talk
and wants to practice it with an audience?

Or if you know of someone not reading the lis who may be keen to bring
something out (or a talk from some other meetup such as hacker space stuff or
PyCon or similar)

Heck not everyone at CLUG has been to lca, anyone got an old LCA talk they
may be keen to drag out if the new stuff is being kept under wraps (or not
yet written ;)

I will have to skip the meeting this month, I am leaving the following
morning for a 160km run through the victorian alpine region so need to
prepare for that and get some stuff sorted around it.

Lets hope some fantastic talk appears that I will be super upset to miss.

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