[clug] Technical Topics in Computing, still a thing

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Wed Nov 2 11:18:45 UTC 2016

So, I just thought I'd let people know that my little weekend technical
conference [1] is still a thing that's happening. Its on 23-4 December down
in Tuggeranong, and tickets are set to just cover the cost of venue hire
and insurance.

The program as it currently stands is at
, and tickets are available from

The talks currently on the program include:

 - Getting started with MQTT and the ESP8266
 - Something Introductory about Radio
 - Hacking Minecraft in Python
 - Something about Python, FPGAs and HRMI2USB
 - and Tomu, a microprocessor that fits inside your USB slot

I'm also interested in talking to people who would be interested in
presenting something on the day.



Rackspace Australia

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