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Out of curiosity, I did a whois  on

Now I am more curious as to why the Russians are involved

Didn't look up the others

Sorry about the top posting and not culling the message, I have yet to psyche out tablet usage


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Subject: [clug] Question about SIP messages
I have an ADSL modem/router that also provides VOIP. Call it 5.
Due to some ADSL sync problems I changed the setup to include a separate ADSL modem.
This one is actually also an ADSL modem/router. call it 55.

Both are configured to remote log to my main server.

I should say that I am not that familiar with SIP and the rest of the telephony protocols,
but this just caught my eye.

On checking the logs, looking for dropped ADSL line messages, I noticed that .55 now
reports this:
	syslog: proxy.c:211 INFO:Outgoing Call from: 026xxxxxxx at
which I think coincides with me making calls (using VOIP on 5). It lists my VOIP number.

Most of these messages are identical, but not all, I noticed a few unusual ones
	syslog: proxy.c:211 INFO:Outgoing Call from: 8001 at
	syslog: proxy.c:211 INFO:Outgoing Call from: 7001 at
	syslog: proxy.c:211 INFO:Outgoing Call from: 8001 at

I just made a call and got another
	syslog: proxy.c:211 INFO:Outgoing Call from: 8001 at
when the call was of course again from my own VOIP line.

What do these messages mean? Some are not coincident with any of my actual calls.
Maybe some in-band protocol messages? Maybe a proxy is confused on 55?
Probably just me not understanding the protocol.


Eyal Lebedinsky (eyal at eyal.emu.id.au)

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