[clug] Upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 problems

jhock jhock at iinet.net.au
Thu May 12 09:19:49 UTC 2016

Hi All,

Sorry for my late reply, I've been trying to customise my Xubuntu. Well
here's what went wrong to the best of my knowledge:

There's a bug where the install doesn't work properly because of no
more disc space but there is no message stating that fact. This was the
original reason why the upgrade didn't work.

I was running automatic backups to a Seagate 2 terabyte external disk
drive, supposedly mounted on /media/john/Seagate. Unfortunately, I
hadn't noticed that the mounting of the external disk had failed. For
what reason, I still don't know and I still can't mount it. In fact, I
can't even format the disc to try and reuse it, but that is a different
matter, which is one of the reasons why this late reply. 

Anyway, the backups were writing to /media/john/Seagate on the internal
disk and not the mount point, ie external disk, and this is why the
internal disk filled up, unbeknownst to me.

So, I deleted the /media/john/Seagate on my internal disk and all of a
sudden I had 40% more internal disk space. ;--) So, I downloaded the
Xubuntu 16.04 desktop i386 iso file and built a bootable devise onto a
memory stick.

I then booted Xubuntu from this memory stick but when I tried to
install it on top of the existing, broken Ubuntu 16.04 I was politely
told that the install didn't work. 

I then rebooted from the disk and ran some upgrade commands which
appeared to install some more packages that were previously broken. I
did this about four or five times before the install actually reported
that it had worked. I was then able to boot Xubntu from the hard disk

At this point I may disappoint Chris and some others. I was just trying
to get the install to work so I didn't bother about creating partitions
for /home and the system directories. In fact, having about 60% of my
hard disk already full, and not knowing how much disk space would be
needed for the operating system plus some other additional software, I
felt that all on the one partition, except an encrypted swap, would
best suited to my needs. Maybe, if I get another computer with more
that 130Gb disk, I shall feel that I have enough room to fiddle with
different partitions.

My current situation is:

1. I can't mount, access nor format my 2 terabyte disk. I've just
loaded Gparted and I'll try again with that software

2. I have a lot of 
	Ubuntu, with Linux 4.4.0-22-generic
	Ubuntu, with Linux 4.4.0-22-generic (upstart)
	Ubuntu, with Linux 4.4.0-22-generic (recovery mode)
	Ubuntu, with Linux 4.4.0-21-generic
	Ubuntu, with Linux
4.4.0-21-generic (upstart)
	Ubuntu, with Linux 4.4.0-21-generic
(recovery mode)
	Ubuntu, with Linux 3.13.0-35-generic
Ubuntu, with Linux 3.13.0-3-generic (upstart)
	Ubuntu, with
Linux 3.13.0-3-generic (recovery mode)

that I would like to get rid of if possible because I'm sure they are
taking up disk space, those before 4.4.0-22 seemed to be corrupt and I
think that I only need the top three?

3. I have Xubuntu, running on my EeePC that is much faster than the
previous operating system, that's to the helpful suggestions from this

John.On Wed, 2016-05-11 at 10:13 +1000, Chris Smart wrote:
> On Tue, May 10, 2016 at 11:19:12AM +1000, jhock wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > Hi Tony, Chris, Hal et al,
> > 
> > After several attempts I have managed to install Xubuntu desktop
> > 16.02
> > and my EeePC is working at an acceptable speed, without any
> > apparent
> > loss of data. I would like to get rid of the other, non-performing
> > ubuntu versions if that's possible.
> > 
> How did you install your new Ubuntu, did you create a new partition
> and
> install it there?
> What do you mean other non-performinig Ubuntu versions? Do you mean
> they
> show up in the bootloader menu but don't work?
> Maybe send some more details along with output of mounted file
> systems:
> df -h
> Along with your partition table:
> parted /dev/sda p
> > 
> > 
> > I think I have worked out what went wrong. I can send a post to
> > this
> > list if anybody is interested?
> > 
> Who knows if anyone's interested, maybe just send it. I mean, if you
> had
> a problem and now you know how to fix the problem that's probably a
> good
> thing to let others know about. Maybe someone searching later will
> find
> your fix.
> -c

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