[clug] O/T - LCD TV, Free to a mediocre home.

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Thu May 5 14:31:15 UTC 2016

Hi Folks

I'm trying to dispose of stuff I've been unintentionally hoarding, which 
includes a Teac 32" LCD TV (note NOT LED, but LCD).

The only catch is, it has a dry join somewhere in the chroma section, so 
once the unit warms up, the picture dissolves into a mess of randomly 
coloured very small tiles. Entering winter as we are, you'd think this 
wouldn't be an issue, but, well, it actually is. I'd get stuck into 
repairing it, but I've got enough on my plate, so this is someone list 
members lucky day!

A member of the list, who declined the opportunity to revisit his 
mis-spent youth repairing electronic equipment, is happy to work with 
who ever takes this off my hands to assist them finding and repairing 
the fault should they need it, with the end result of the lucky 
recipient having a working TV, and the person in question being reminded 
of the reason why he stopped repairing electronic equipment.

Otherwise, If no one wants it, It'll go to the green recycling shed.

replies off list if you're interested.

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