[clug] MTP and Python - any ideas?

Chris Smart clug at christophersmart.com
Mon May 2 11:20:17 UTC 2016

On Mon, May 02, 2016 at 08:41:00PM +1000, Paul Wayper wrote:
>Hi all,
>Is anyone familiar with using libmtp to interface with MTP devices?  I'm
>trying to write a program to get some information from my phone, but while the
>kernel's usbfs module seems quiet happy to see the phone's file systems and
>MATE's file manager can browse the device, my simple "get the device name and
>free space" program doesn't get much further than the attempting to connect.


>Any ideas?

This could be because your phone is already in use by nautilus. Can you
try ejecting it from nautilus and re-run your program?


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