[clug] Photo management?

Chris Smart clug at christophersmart.com
Mon Mar 28 20:58:19 UTC 2016

On 29/03/16 07:17, Andrew Janke wrote:
> Is it sufficiently clever to use file creation date as a fallback? I
> know this wouldn't work for you with how you moved things around but
> it might work for me.
> Can it populate EXIF data based upon this?

Yeah, I thought about that and it should be possible. I didn't want to
delay further so I decided to just get everything in for now and make
this a problem I deal with down the track. It shouldn't be that big a
deal because I know what the photos are and using shotwell it shouldn't
be hard to put them in the right spot.

I'm not quite sure what the next thing to do is, though. I think that
you're "meant" to go through your photos and either tag them with event
(and people) info or you can pull them out of the date events and put
them into actual events. I think digikam has some facial recognition
tech which could prove handy.

I'll have a play with that later and see what works best for me. Having
photos in both date events and actual events at the same time would be
kinda interesting.

> When you write tags/comments does shotwell store them in the files
> (Better) or in some other database?  I'm a fan of google photos
> because of the latter.

AFAIK, by default it writes metadata to its database. However, I told it
to write the metadata into the files themselves, that way if shotwell
disappears, or someone else imports the photos into shotwell or into
something else, they will hopefully get some of the same metadata.


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