[clug] Using Linux for your personal computer

Brenton Ross rossb at fwi.net.au
Wed Mar 16 12:46:18 UTC 2016


I would be prepared to give a tour of my laptop which is used for
personal computing.

Alternatively (or as well) I could give a bit of a tour of some of the
stuff I have done for testing a C++ project.


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> 	Suggested Topic: "Using Linux for your personal computer"
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>     If no one has a better topic for our next CLUG meeting (24th March
> 2016), I would like to discuss "Using Linux for your personal
> computer".
> Some of us are using Linux as a Desktop and others mainly for
> servers.  But would you be interested in discussing "Using Linux for
> your primary personal computer"  ?
> What is the correct term for Gnome, Unity, Xfce, Cinnamon, Mate, KDE,
> LXDE, etc ?  Most seem to call these "Desktop environments", while I
> think of them as UI's (user interfaces).
> I have been using Debian + Xfce as my primary computer now for around
> six months, and the only issue I have found so far is the inability to
> successfully edit my DV video files (the output keeps getting
> corrupted). Though as yet I have not found a suitable UI method for
> searching for specific filenames, and/or files that contain specific
> text.
> The main issues in discussing "Using Linux for your personal
> computer", is; 
> 1) that there are many distros, and many UI's and many configurations.
> I don't have time time to try them all.
> 2) I have personal preferences that others would not have, nor
> understand, just as others will have personal preferences that I would
> not see any value in.  
> There is so much choice that one can get lost just thinking about or
> discussing the variations. 
> One of my personal preferences is that I don't like (or want) any
> Desktop Environment that has a menu which covers or removes my view of
> my desktop where I have various applications open, and have carefully
> positioned each of their windows, either overlapping or beside each
> other (or a combination). I don't want my view of this layout to be
> obscured, just to start another application (which is what I use a
> Desktop Environment's menu for).
> I recall that Paul once said to me that he wanted people to be able to
> fully use Linux without having to open a Terminal or run a terminal
> command.  I did not agree at that time but now I see the point of his
> comment. 
> I wonder if it would be possible to discuss "Using Linux for your
> personal computer", without getting lost in tangents, or in pointless
> debates on personal likes?
> Maybe a number of people who do use "Linux for their personal
> computer", if it was a laptop, could do a 5 minute demo while
> explaining why they like their configuration and favourite
> applications?
> Regards,
> George.
> At Wednesday, 09-03-2016 on 21:10 Steven Hanley wrote:
> All
> So I should have started chasing this sooner, however I have not yet
> lined
> up someone to talk at CLUG this month.
> Does anyone have something cool they would be keen to share?
> Maybe something more programming or similarly oriented such as some
> python
> framework or tool that rocks your boat, or maybe some analysis on what
> (open) tools can be used to work with large data sets (such as street
> maps,
> gps, government data such as that analysed in the Open Gov
> competitions).
> Possibly a comparison of some tools you get to use regularly and why
> they rock. 
> Who knows maybe a talk about cool lesser known linux utilities and
> ways they
> are fantastic could be fun.
> So anyone keen to talk and share some interesting geeky
> linux/open/free
> software/open hardware related fun?
> Cheers
> see You
>     Steve
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