[clug] anyone keen to talk at March CLUG, Thursday 24th - Suggested Topic: "Using Linux for your personal computer"

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Wed Mar 16 10:45:32 UTC 2016

    If no one has a better topic for our next CLUG meeting (24th March
2016), I would like to discuss "Using Linux for your personal

Some of us are using Linux as a Desktop and others mainly for
servers.  But would you be interested in discussing "Using Linux for
your primary personal computer"  ?

What is the correct term for Gnome, Unity, Xfce, Cinnamon, Mate, KDE,
LXDE, etc ?  Most seem to call these "Desktop environments", while I
think of them as UI's (user interfaces).

I have been using Debian + Xfce as my primary computer now for around
six months, and the only issue I have found so far is the inability to
successfully edit my DV video files (the output keeps getting
corrupted). Though as yet I have not found a suitable UI method for
searching for specific filenames, and/or files that contain specific

The main issues in discussing "Using Linux for your personal
computer", is; 
1) that there are many distros, and many UI's and many configurations.
I don't have time time to try them all.

2) I have personal preferences that others would not have, nor
understand, just as others will have personal preferences that I would
not see any value in.  

There is so much choice that one can get lost just thinking about or
discussing the variations. 

One of my personal preferences is that I don't like (or want) any
Desktop Environment that has a menu which covers or removes my view of
my desktop where I have various applications open, and have carefully
positioned each of their windows, either overlapping or beside each
other (or a combination). I don't want my view of this layout to be
obscured, just to start another application (which is what I use a
Desktop Environment's menu for).

I recall that Paul once said to me that he wanted people to be able to
fully use Linux without having to open a Terminal or run a terminal
command.  I did not agree at that time but now I see the point of his

I wonder if it would be possible to discuss "Using Linux for your
personal computer", without getting lost in tangents, or in pointless
debates on personal likes?

Maybe a number of people who do use "Linux for their personal
computer", if it was a laptop, could do a 5 minute demo while
explaining why they like their configuration and favourite



At Wednesday, 09-03-2016 on 21:10 Steven Hanley wrote:


So I should have started chasing this sooner, however I have not yet
up someone to talk at CLUG this month.

Does anyone have something cool they would be keen to share?

Maybe something more programming or similarly oriented such as some
framework or tool that rocks your boat, or maybe some analysis on what
(open) tools can be used to work with large data sets (such as street
gps, government data such as that analysed in the Open Gov

Possibly a comparison of some tools you get to use regularly and why
they rock. 
Who knows maybe a talk about cool lesser known linux utilities and
ways they
are fantastic could be fun.

So anyone keen to talk and share some interesting geeky
software/open hardware related fun?


see You

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