[clug] ntfs-3g anyone?

Eyal Lebedinsky eyal at eyal.emu.id.au
Tue Jun 21 23:27:10 UTC 2016

On 22/06/16 08:24, Rodney Peters wrote:
> On Tuesday, 21 June 2016 23:11:09 AEST Eyal Lebedinsky wrote:
>> On 21/06/16 20:37, Tony Lewis wrote:
>>> It's complete speculation but I'd consider if the USB port is dodgy inside
>>> your Linux system.>
>>  > Maybe it's not delivering enough power or good enough data connection.
>>  > Maybe the 2.5" HDD is right on the limit of the power draw, so any other
>>  > flash drive you put in doesn't have that problem.
>> I was thinking about  this too. This is a USB3.0 disk so should have enough
>> power. Yet, a similar 1.5TB USB3.0 disk does not show this problem.
>> I attached a USB2.0 power meter between the disk and the PC. The disk did
>> come up in USB2.0 mode. It consumed 520mA idle and 620mA reading the raw
>> device. I think that USB3.0 should be able to handle this demand reliably.
>> Nevertheless, is there not some check to detect data corruption on the USB
>> bus? Is there no other error detection in the disk itself? I am surprised
>> that not one error was ever logged from any system.
>> cheers
>>> Tony
>>> On 21/06/16 18:42, Eyal Lebedinsky wrote:
>>>> I am having issues with a 2.5" USB disk.
>>>> 1)
>>>> on fedora 19 I get these log messages when mounting the fs
>>>>     ntfs-3g[13859]: Version 2013.1.13 integrated FUSE 27
>>>>     ntfs-3g[13859]: Mounted /dev/sdj1 (Read-Write, label "Seagate-4TB",
>>>>     NTFS 3.1) ntfs-3g[13859]: Cmdline options:
>>>>     rw,nodev,nosuid,uid=500,gid=500,dmask=0077,fmask=0177,uhelper=udisks
>>>>     2 ntfs-3g[13859]: Mount options:
>>>>     rw,nodev,nosuid,uhelper=udisks2,allow_other,nonempty,relatime,defaul
>>>>     t_permissions,fsname=/dev/sdj1,blkdev,blksize=4096 ntfs-3g[13859]:
>>>>     Global ownership and permissions enforced, configuration type 1>>
>>>> The mount is now accessible.
>>>> On f22 I get
>>>>     ntfs-3g[29109]: Version 2016.2.22 integrated FUSE 27
>>>>     ntfs-3g[29109]: Mounted /dev/sdm1 (Read-Write, label "Seagate-4TB",
>>>>     NTFS 3.1) ntfs-3g[29109]: Cmdline options:
>>>>     rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,uid=0,gid=0,umask=077,fmask=0177,dmask=0077,u
>>>>     ser ntfs-3g[29109]: Mount options:
>>>>     rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,user,allow_other,nonempty,relatime,default_pe
>>>>     rmissions,fsname=/dev/sdm1,blkdev,blksize=4096 ntfs-3g[29109]: Global
>>>>     ownership and permissions enforced, configuration type 1>>
>>>> The mount point is not accessible, what I get is
>>>>     $ ls -l /run/media/eyal/
>>>>     ls: cannot access /run/media/eyal/Seagate-4TB: Transport endpoint is
>>>>     not connected total 0
>>>>     d????????? ? ? ? ?            ? Seagate-4TB
>>>> If I mount manually
>>>>     $ sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sdm1 /usb
>>>> I see
>>>>     ntfs-3g[29335]: Version 2016.2.22 integrated FUSE 27
>>>>     ntfs-3g[29335]: Mounted /dev/sdm1 (Read-Write, label "Seagate-4TB",
>>>>     NTFS 3.1) ntfs-3g[29335]: Cmdline options:
>>>>     ntfs-3g[29335]: Mount options:
>>>>     allow_other,nonempty,relatime,fsname=/dev/sdm1,blkdev,blksize=4096
>>>>     ntfs-3g[29335]: Ownership and permissions disabled, configuration
>>>>     type 1 ntfs-3g[29335]: Unmounting /dev/sdm1 (Seagate-4TB)
>>>> The last line looks unexpected to me. Inspecting the mount fails:
>>>>     $ ls -l /usb
>>>>     ls: cannot access /usb: Transport endpoint is not connected
>>>> Interestingly, no messages are logged with the following
>>>>     $ sudo umount /usb
>>>>     $ sudo umount /usb
>>>>     umount: /usb: not mounted
>>>> I searched and found no solution. Anyone using ntfs-3g?
>>>> 2)
>>>> Another issue, may be related, is that on f19 (where the mount is
>>>> visible) I get bad data regularly. This is a new 4TB disk which I want
>>>> to use for archival storage. Naturally I run checksum on the files and I
>>>> am getting many files delivering bad checksums. Re-running fails a
>>>> different set of files.
>>>> There are no errors logged that I could find.
>>>> I should mention that this disk was formatted and written to on Windows
>>>> 8.1, and as such I expect the data on it to be in good shape.
>>>> Furthermore, a failed checksum will come good next time I try the same
>>>> file.
>>>> TIA
>>>> --
>>>> Eyal Lebedinsky (eyal at eyal.emu.id.au)
> It depends on the origin of the USB 3.0 port itself.  I have an economy add-
> on, that although it has a molex power connector attached, won't handle 2.5"
> HDD and essentially works only with flash media.
> I suggest you check the ntfs-3g website.  Does it support > 2 TB ?.

Done that early and did not find any reference to such a limit. I would have
expected this mentioned in the log when the volume refuses to mount (as is
happening with Version 2016.2.22.

> Would you be better off formatting ext4 ?   I don't use NTFS with Linux,
> because I am not confident that 100 % of the essential functions are handled,
> NTFS being closed source.

I use ntfs because I need to have the disk used on both linux and windows.
If this is an ntfs issue then I will consider splitting the large files and
use FAT32.

> Rod

My next test will be to boot my windows8.1 laptop into linux and run the
same checksum program. This is the machine that originally wrote this volume.

Eyal Lebedinsky (eyal at eyal.emu.id.au)

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