[clug] Nextcloud (the OwnCloud fork) 9 released

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Fri Jun 17 12:43:38 UTC 2016

    The old blessing (?), "May you live in interesting times", sounds
like the right phrase to describe things.. 

I guess whatever transpires, there will still be a community version
of a cloud system for people to enjoy.


Owncloud GmbH released an official statement [1] last week, detailing
their thoughts and feelings on Frank Karlitschek’s new service,
NextCloud [2], and announced the closing of ownCloud Inc. They cite
the Launch of Karlitschek’s new product and the “poached” devs
as causes for the shuttering of the Massachusetts incorporated
organization, just 12 hours after the NextCloud announcement. The
report also details the formation of the “ownCloud Foundation,” an
effort to strengthen the community despite the corporation’s



 My guess is twofold. First off, ownCloud development seems to have
slowed to a crawl. I believe this happened because the core developers
wanted to push the product forward, and the business end didn't seem
to function well with the creative end. That internal bickering, I
believe, centered around the core developers (particularly
Karlitschek) wanting ownCloud to function more as a community and less
as a company. This didn't exactly go as planned, so Karlitschek
announced that he was leaving ownCloud [3].

[2] https://nextcloud.com/news/

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