[clug] ideas for CLUG talk on 23rd of June?

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Wed Jun 8 10:26:52 UTC 2016


I would be very interested to listen to a talk on OpenStack for home

Does your installation have an Internet facing network and a separate
management network?

When I last installed RDO I was disappointed to find that the
installation only had one network which was not that useful unless
your installation was only for one network.

Have you ever managed to have to storage nodes, and migrate a vm from
on storage node to another?



At Wednesday, 08-06-2016 on 12:53 Randall Crook wrote:

I have been experimenting with virtualisation on an old IBM server at
home. I started with VirtualBox running a couple of virtual servers
(minecraft server etc). Then, when I found that JPL was delivering a
medium scale OracleVM server farm to the tracking station I installed
and started to played with it. 

Having read a fair bit and played a little bit with the OpenStack
project , I decided to switch my little OracleVM server “farm” at
home to OpenStack. 

The RDO project has a tool to help install OpenStack on one or more
machines called packstack. It uses a number of other open
source  tools to automate the complex installation and configuration
processes for the many confusing/complex modules that make up an
OpenStack environment. Which is good news for us dumb sysadmins who
don’t know a great deal about developing. 

RDO is a RedHat sponsored community that develops tools for the
deployment of OpenStack in the Redhat flavoured linux ecosystems. It's
where RedHat tunes and polishes its own OpenStack products. 

OpenStack is a “cloud” infrastructure built on I number of FOSS
and vendor supplied products to create scalable and versatile
Virtual/Cloud environments. 

More than that and you will need to see the talk. If that’s if
people are interested.. ;)



> On 8 Jun 2016, at 11:40 AM, Bryan Kilgallin 
> Randall:
>> Happy to give a rundown on my recent switch from OracleVM on my
home server, to installing and using OpenStack Mitaka via the
rdoproject.org packstack.
> That seems technical. So I request explanation of jargon.
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